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Monday, 8 October 2018

Banchari Folk Music from India

Banchari is a village in Haryana State of North India. The small village is famous for its folk music, song and dance, passed on from one generation to other. Though not much is known about its origin and history
Nagada(huge drum), bin/pungi, janjh/manjira and harmonium are important musical instruments used in it.

Songs are usually in Braj Bhasha(dialect of Hindi), dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. 

A Group of Artists perform, younger ones take role of Dancing and singing while older ones are mainly playing musical intruments. 

Artists wear white kurta-payjama with pagdi and matching scarf tied around waiste and flower garland around their neck.

Raising fast track music has effected this folk-art also and left it vulnerable. is dedicated to bring best of India to the world.