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Friday, 12 February 2016

Madhubani Painting / Mithila Painting

Madhubani Wall Art at "Craft's Museum, New Delhi"
Madhubani painting or mithila painting is age old tradition of painting done on walls and floors of home by women of house. According to a myth, madhubani painting is associated with marriage ceremony of Lord Rama and Sita. Its said that the "kohbar" made in their marriage was the begining of  Mithila or madhubani painting.
Women selling paper-mache products with madhubani paintings
Now also this is a form of folk art is basically done to celebrate festivals and auspicious moment like, marriage and child birth. Every sect/caste of Hindu society had its own separate design of mural with set instruction for deities and objects to be drawn on particular occasion.  Originally it was drawn on wall or floor covered with mud, geru or cow-dung with the help of finger tips, twig and cotton  using natural colors made of rice, turmeric, lamp soots and various flowers and vegetable juices. These paintings are based on Hindu mythological characters, scenes from mythological stories and other regional flora and fauna. But, with commercialization, acrylic colours and other artificial colours have replaced natural colours and brushes have replaced finger tips & twigs. The medium also has changed to paper and cloth from floors and walls.

red and black Madhubani silk saree at
Madhunbani on Bhagalpuri tussar silk Sar
Madhubani on ghicha tussar silk dupatta at
Madhubani on tussar silk dupatta
However, art is still an art, whatever may the medium be. 

In its meager effort to promote art and craft of India, has brought few products with Madhubani painting inscribed on it.

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